Filling Your Sales Pipeline with an Integrated CRM

Every salesperson has their sight set on one thing: that glorious moment when a deal closes.  And in an ideal world, salespeople would be able to easily close one deal after another.  But in the ever-changing landscape of today’s shaky economy, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for salespeople to close those deals.  This makes an integrated CRM system essential to track and manage your leads and prospects.

How to fill your pipeline using a CRM system:

  • Keep track of leads, calls, appointments, etc.
  • Track leads from initiation to closure
  • Forecast better and manage opportunities more effectively
  • Identify and focus on the most profitable opportunities
  • Cross-sell and upsell your customer base
  • Define and follow the sales process that works for you
  • Create quotes, invoices, and other documents and e-mail or print them
  • Store customer information such as addresses, contacts, notes, activities, quotes, POs, and invoices
  • Integrate sales processes with marketing within the CRM in order to leverage  marketing efforts more quickly and efficiently

Using these tools, you will be able to quickly and easily keep track of your entire sales process, from initial contact to closure.

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